National Organic Standards: The Roots

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On October 21st USDA organic foods labeling standards will take full effect in the United States. The production of organic foods has grown at an annual rate of 20% over the last ten years and currently represents $7.7 billion of the $400 billion generated annually … Read More

Corn: An A-MAIZE-ing Food!

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– by Christina Schiavoni For CSA members who have yet to eat raw sweet corn fresh off the cob, this is a treat not to be missed, especially as part of the ‘No-Cook Sweet Corn Salad’ featured in this week’s newsletter. This salad, as well … Read More

Keeping Your Condiments Home Grown

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– by Kristy Apostolides Want a 58th variety? Heinz thinks you will. By the end of this summer, supermarket shelves everywhere will be stocked with Heinz Organic Ketchup. The decision to produce an organic version of this nation?s favorite condiment came as a result of … Read More

Heirloom Tomatoes

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– by Christina Schiavoni Now that tomato season has (finally!) rolled around, we’re likely to start seeing more and more of these delicious veggies (or fruits, depending on your definition) at distribution. Something we’re unlikely to see, however, is uniform-looking conventional tomatoes like the ones … Read More

CSA Distribution Guidelines

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At the last meeting of active volunteers, the Chelsea CSA developed a list of guidelines for distribution to prevent running out of items before the end of distribution (as this has happened a few times so far in the season, most likely due to misunderstanding.): … Read More

My first week with Chelsea CSA

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I joined the Chelsea CSA this year (2006) and was pleasantly surprised by the first week’s wonderful mix of produce. The bouquet of sage was bigger than the usual supermarket sprig, and sage’s edible purple flowers were new to me. I sprinkled some flowers and … Read More

Elise’s Lettuce/Cabbage/Greens Tips

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I found another use for lettuce — in a Veggie Smoothie! Take a cup of water, 8 ice cubes [about 1 oz] and a fresh lettuce or cabbage leaves with maybe a stalk of celery in the blender. Adjust veggie amounts to your taste. Watch … Read More