My first week with Chelsea CSA

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I joined the Chelsea CSA this year (2006) and was pleasantly surprised by the first week’s wonderful mix of produce. The bouquet of sage was bigger than the usual supermarket sprig, and sage’s edible purple flowers were new to me. I sprinkled some flowers and … Read More

Elise’s Lettuce/Cabbage/Greens Tips

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I found another use for lettuce — in a Veggie Smoothie! Take a cup of water, 8 ice cubes [about 1 oz] and a fresh lettuce or cabbage leaves with maybe a stalk of celery in the blender. Adjust veggie amounts to your taste. Watch … Read More

How to Store Salad Greens

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The best way to keep the lettuce is to cut the bottom of the stalk and let the leaves fall free. Wash them in a cold water bath, drain and repeat if the water is dirty. Spin, dab or shake the leaves dry and store … Read More

How to Prepare Salad Greens

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Fill a large bowl with cold water. Put the greens in the bowl. Using your hands, move the greens gently through the water. Let the greens sit in the water for a minute to allow the dirt to settle to the bottom of the bowl. … Read More

Tomatoes: Shopping and Storage Tips

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If you will be using your tomatoes right away, choose ripe tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes have a deep, rich color and a sweet smell. They are slightly soft when touched. Store unripe tomatoes at room temperature up to 1 week. They will continue to ripen, particularly … Read More

Tomatoes: Cooking Basics

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Try using stewed, roasted, sun-dried, or pureed tomatoes when fresh tomatoes are out of season. You will need about 4 medium-sized tomatoes when a recipe calls for one pound. It is sometimes better to remove the seeds when adding fresh tomatoes to a dish. Cut … Read More