Canning Vegetables at the Hudson Guild

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On last rainy Saturday morning about eight of us gathered at Hudson Guild for the vegetable canning demonstration.

We participated in canning beets. We learned how to keep our jars germ free thus ensure the long lasting canning. It seemed like a pretty easy procedure, which in short was:

  1. Cut up the beets.
  2. Cook the beets in vinegar.
  3. Sterilize the jars.
  4. Make your desired sauce and mix it with an acid.
  5. Put the sauce and beets in a jar.
  6. Close the jar and boil it for ten minutes.
  7. Check the jar if it is sealed. If sealed GOOD.
  8. If not, eat them the next week ūüôā

We made a delicious pasta dish using the greens from the beets.
The next probable demonstration is either freezing and canning the vegetable or canning the sauces for holiday season.

We hope to have more participants next time.

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