CSA Distribution Guidelines

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At the last meeting of active volunteers, the Chelsea CSA developed a list of guidelines for distribution to prevent running out of items before the end of distribution (as this has happened a few times so far in the season, most likely due to misunderstanding.):

  • Consult the easel board or sheet on the box for the quantity of each vegetable.
  • Do not exceed the designated quantity for an item.
  • Do not change the quantity of the item. If you are to take two peppers and two zucchini, do not take three peppers and one zucchini.
  • Feel free to use the SWAP BOX: You can discard an item you don’t want in the swap box and take an item, but only from the Swap Box. The Swap Box allows some flexibility in your choice, but some of the most popular items will probably not be appearing in the swap box.
  • Other than using the swap box, you cannot substitute one item for another. For example, you cannot take two orders of peppers because you did not take your order of Swiss chard.
  • If you do not have a full share and you are the first person of the sharers to arrive at distribution, divide the share in bags, leaving the bag(s) for the person (or people) with whom you share with the volunteer who is checking people off the list. Mark the name of the person (or people) with a note on the bag.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask help from the volunteers at distribution

Hudson Guild policy is not to allow pets in the lobby. So, if you bring your pet to distribution, you need to leave the pet outside. You could tie a leash to one of the poles outside the building.

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