CSA Share Delivery Update

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The farm will be pre-boxing CSA shares for the 2020 season.  Every vegetable share will be pre-boxed here on the farm and delivered to your CSA location.  After our long discussion with multiple core groups from the CSA sites, we decided this is an excellent way for members to pick up more efficiently this coming year due to the current pandemic.

The downside is the boxes do come at a high price that the farm didn’t account for this season.  If you are interested and wanted to donate $20 to help offset some of the cost to box your CSA share you can do so by, logging in to your member account on the Stoneledge Farm website and selecting the Marketplace Option.  That is where you will find the donation box for $20.  This is completely optional and not mandatory but we do appreciate your help.

Here on the farm, we are working away for the first delivery.  The greenhouses are full and we are filling the cold house daily.  The cold house gets filled with plants allowing them to get accustomed to the cooler temperatures before they are transplanted into the field.  So far in the fields, we have planted, sugar snap peas, cabbage, and lettuce.  Check out the video for our most recent greenhouse tour.

As always we look forward to growing fresh healthy produce to feed you, your family, and the community this coming season.

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