Elise’s Lettuce/Cabbage/Greens Tips

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I found another use for lettuce — in a Veggie Smoothie!

Take a cup of water, 8 ice cubes [about 1 oz] and a fresh lettuce or cabbage leaves with maybe a stalk of celery in the blender. Adjust veggie amounts to your taste. Watch out for the red or orange veggies because they will give your drink a funny color.

Greens can also be used in pureed soups: 4 cups stock, 1 cup shredded veggie, cook till veggies are done [15/20 min], then put through blender. This mixture can be chilled and used as a cold soup or heated with an equal volume of milk for a creamed soup.

Word has it that Elise also recommends juicing some of our abundant greens. She freezes this juice in ice cube trays & pops it into soups & stews during ‘lean green’ times of the year.

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