We are excited that you are interested in joining our community! Registration for the Chelsea CSA is done online.
You may contact the Chelsea CSA at 212 760-9878 or via e-mail at chelseacsa@yahoo.com.

Members will have opportunities to participate in cooking demonstrations, potlucks and trips to Stoneledge Farm.

Members will also receive a newsletter with recipes, cooking tips and farm updates.

Members are expected to keep up with payments in a timely manner as well as commit to the entire season. Vegetable share members must contribute a minimum of 4 hours of their time throughout the twenty-four week season. Optional fruit share members contribute an additional 2 hours to help us manage this additional offering. Most shareholders help out by covering 2 two-hour shifts at distribution. People often volunteer additional hours to help with activities including cooking demos, potluck dinners or the annual farm visit. Those who order meat, poultry or eggs must discuss volunteer requirements with the Special Products Coordinator.

You have a few options to choose from if you cannot pick up your share.

  • You may ask someone else to pick up the share. If this is what is best for you, please make sure that this person knows to give us your name, especially if you have a share partner. This helps avoid confusion for everyone.
  • You may tell us that you will not be using the share that week and we will donate your share. Produce not picked up will be donated to Hudson Guild’s Eat Well, Play Hard Program which educates children about vegetables, cooking and the importance of eating healthy.

There are three payment options available to members, as indicated on our registration form:

  1. Pay the entire fee at time of joining.
  2. Make several payments as presented on the membership contract. Since we try to get payments to the farmer before the harvest, we would like all the payments by June 1st.
  3. People who qualify for discounted shares may make a down payment and then make payments in Food Stamps, cash or checks into the Low Income Fund every two weeks over the course of the season according to a pre-established payment schedule.

Payments made are not refundable. People may arrange to have other people take on their membership and pay for the remainder of the season.

If you feel that none of these plans will work for you, we ask that you call us and tell us your situation. We will try to design a plan that will work for you.

There is a risk involved in farming and by joining the CSA members share in that risk. Since farming is directly related to changing weather conditions, certain items that you may want may not be available. If for example there is a very rainy season, certain crops will do well, and others will not. On the whole, members will get a wide variety of vegetables in plentiful amounts.

Stoneledge Farm delivers both vegetables and fruit on Tuesdays during the CSA season with pick-up from 4 pm to 7 pm at Hudson Guild (located in Chelsea) in the Elliot Center facility, located at 441 West 26 Street (between Ninth and Tenth Avenues).

This answer depends on when Stoneledge Farm’s harvest begins. The Kavakos expect to begin delivering the vegetables in mid-June and to continue delivering through to Thanksgiving, which is about 24 weeks. The fruit shares run for 20 weeks. The shares will be delivered each week throughout this time period. Members should check this website or call our voicemail in the end of May for the exact start date.

Chelsea CSA has three levels of payments for vegetable shares. You must commit to four hours of volunteer work over the course of the season to participate in our volunteer-run cooperative. An additional two hours are required for those members who have a fruit share.

  • Standard Share: You will pay $533 per share, an average of $22.21 per week over the twenty-four week season.
  • Discount Share: To qualify for a discount share documentation of any of the following: proof of residence at Elliot Chelsea Houses, food stamps (SNAP), tax return showing annual household income of less than $30,000, disability card, unemployment check/benefit, TANAF recipients and current Americore volunteers. You will pay $403 per share, an average of  $16.79 per week over the twenty-four week season. Discount shares must be pre-approved . To arrange income verification email: chelseacsa@yahoo.com or call our voicemail at: 212-760-9878.
  • Sponsor Share: To help make the Chelsea CSA accessible to people with lower incomes and to help defray the cost of running the CSA, you pay a minimum of $593 per share.

Chelsea CSA has three levels of payment for the twenty-week fruit share option. You must have a vegetable share and put in two additional volunteer hours during the season.

Note that the fruit is grown on farms using low-spray, rather than strictly organic techniques. We understand this is due in part to the expense of organic certification and in part to NYS agricultural policies.

  • Standard Share: You will pay $250 for the season, $12.50 per week for some of the freshest fruit you will ever taste!
  • Discounted Share: You will pay $200 if you meet the qualifications for a discount vegetable share (see above). That’s $10 per week for seasonal fruit such as currants, grapes, raspberries, plums, peaches, nectarines, pears and apples.
  • Sponsor Share: You will pay $280 per share, enjoying freshly picked fruit while supporting Chelsea CSA’s commitment to access across a wide spectrum of our mixed income community.

A CSA membership is an upfront investment in the farm and the farmer. By paying the Kavakos family at the beginning of the season, they can purchase seeds, equipment and the other things that they need to run their farm without having to take out high interest loans. They can then devote their energy to sustainable farming practices and a productive harvest season.

Chelsea CSA is committed to making organic produce accessible to all income people. Our sponsor shares and administration fees offset the cost of our discount shares. This has been our model since we began.

A group of upstate family farms make monthly deliveries to eligible Chelsea CSA shareholders. Available products include a variety of meats, eggs, breads, grains, and jams.

How To Order – You must first sign a separate contract –  Download Form and drop it off at distribution or send it to Tiffany at specialproducts@chelseacsa.org. Once the contract is accepted, you will notified by phone or email and then you may place an order for one of the monthly delivery dates.

The best way to order is by using the website. The first time you use the site you will be asked to set up a user profile, enter Chelsea CSA as your pick-up location. Distribution of special products is the last Tuesday of every month, and the order deadline is the Thursday prior to delivery. Once your order has been filled, you will be notified of the exact amount owed.  Approved members may be required to volunteer at the distribution of Lewis Waite products two times during the delivery season (volunteer hours are 4-5:30pm and 5:30-7pm). This is separate from your regular CSA volunteer hours.

For more information, send an email to nkdbrown@lewiswaitefarm.com.

Filling Your Order – If there is a question or problem filling an order, the appropriate farm contacts you to discuss your special requests or to offer substitutions if certain items are not available. If you have specific questions, please call or email the appropriate farm. To know how much you owe, the lamb, kid, chicken, pork and beef packages must be weighed. Each of the farms is a separate business, so each must calculate their total and then they will add your total for you. The farms will notify you of the total amount of your order by email.

Picking Up Your Order – Approved members pay for and pick up their orders on distribution date between 4 pm and 7pm at the distribution site (Hudson Guild, 441 W 26 St. during the season). Checks are made out to Pastured Meat and Poultry and are collected at distribution.  No order will be released without payment.  Meat is delivered frozen in insulated containers.  There is no storage of meat at the distribution site.

If you are unable to pick up your order, you are still responsible for and still owe for the meat you ordered.  If an order is not picked up before 7:00 pm on the delivery date, the meat coordinator must remove the meat from the premises.  No meat or poultry will be left at the distribution site when distribution is over.

In-Season Distribution
Mid-June to mid-November deliveries are at Hudson Guild Elliott Center on the third Tuesday of each month.

Non-Veggie Season Distribution
Winter and spring deliveries are once a month on the third Tuesday of each month. Off season deliveries will be hosted in member homes to be announced. Please note the delivery address on order confirmation and invoice emails!

Stoneledge Farm produces honey (well really, it’s the bees) as well as certain other products, and their neighbor, Bear Creak, produces maple syrup.

Stoneledge Farm’s Market Place allows you to order their famous honey, local maple syrup, fair trade coffees, salsa, jams and sauces, and pickles. Order online by logging on to your membership page. Pick it up at the CSA site the following week.

Order Deadline for delivery of Market Place Order is the Friday before delivery. Orders received after the deadline will be delivered the following delivery. You will receive an e-mail confirmation and reminder of your Market Place order.

The Hudson Guild has been the home of Chelsea CSA for 12 years. The Hudson Guild is committed to strengthening and building community, both within our walls and in the broader Chelsea community. The Hudson Guild sees the Chelsea CSA as a great opportunity to strengthen community. We are asking CSA members to contribute money and/or their time to help offset the costs of running the CSA.

The Chelsea CSA is striving to provide affordable, nutritious, organic vegetables to the Chelsea community at a convenient location, while supporting a small New York farmer.

Half shares are available but members are responsible for finding their own share partner. To help potential share partners meet we’ve set up a Google discussion page. Please send an email to ajconn298@hotmail.com to access the page.

Once you have found a share partner, you will need to register online together. When two people have agreed to be share partners, one will register as the primary shareholder, register for a sponsor, standard, or discount vegetable share and list the other as a share partner. The share partners will work it out between themselves how to pay the farmer for their full order and fulfill their volunteer hours. Details on registration are available here.

At distribution, the first share partner to arrive is responsible for dividing the share, labeling the bag with the second partner’s name, and leaving it at the sign in desk.

Typically, each week’s share consists of 8-12 types of vegetables, enough to feed a family of 2-3 people depending on how many vegetables are in your diet.

The Chelsea CSA brings fresh, organic vegetables to the Chelsea area through a partnership between Stoneledge Farm in South Cairo, NY and members of the Chelsea community, with support from the Hudson Guild, a non-profit Settlement House serving the Chelsea community since 1895. The Kavakos family of Stoneledge Farm sells shares in their harvest. People buy shares at a variety of fee levels. CSA’s work to pay the farmer before the growing season, when possible. In exchange for investing in the harvest, members will receive vegetables at the Hudson Guild from mid-June through mid-November. People who join the Chelsea CSA must commit to the length of the entire season even if they pay in installments throughout the season.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

This website is generously donated by Mike Truese Creations, who has given of his talents and time in designing, developing and maintaining this site for the Chelsea CSA since 2003.

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