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Dear CSA Member,

The leaves are just starting to change along with the temperatures. It sure is starting to feel like fall! This time of year nothing beats a harvest soup! You will have many of the ingredients in your share this coming week. I always love a bowl of lentil soup with winter squash, parsley, kale and carrots this time of year.

Enjoy the Harvest,


Storing Tips:
Beets- in the refrigerator wrapped in a towel.
Carrots- in the crisper drawer.
Potatoes- in the refrigerator OR a cool dark place in produce bag.
Winter Squash- in the refrigerator OR a cool dark place.
Kale- washed in a salad spinner, or washed and wrapped in a towel and placed in the fridge.
HOT Peppers- in the crisper drawer OR hang to dry and use as needed.

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