Frances Recommends A Slightly Different Spin On Salads

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The first step is to get your salad greens cleaned: put them into the sink or a basin filled with water. Wash thoroughly to get all the sand off the leaves. Dry in a salad spinner, a clean dish towel, pillow case, or paper towels, but make sure the leaves are dry.

Now, let your imagination take you on a great taste adventure! Here are three salads, all easy and delicious!

  1. Beets and Goat Cheese with Chives: olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
  2. Pears with walnuts and Cheese (Gorgonzola or Gruyere, for example): olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
  3. Shaved Fennel and Carrots with raisins: olive oil, wine vinegar, mint, salt and pepper

There are no limits on what goes into a salad – anything from Apples to Zucchini will taste wonderful if your ingredients are fresh and seasonal. Don?t forget to add the herbs of the season, too – basil, thyme, dill, tarragon, mint and chives are just a few that will bring a burst of flavor to any salad. And keep in mind that you can add cooked vegetables (grilled vegetables are great!) and leftover chicken and beef sliced or diced into the salad will make a complete healthy and nutritious meal.

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