Hudson Guild is a non-profit Settlement House, a community-based organization that offers a wide range of programs to meet community needs. The mission of Hudson Guild is to strengthen and build community, both within its walls and in the broader Chelsea neighborhood. To realize this mission, the staff of Hudson Guild challenge each other and their neighbors to create an environment in which all achieve their highest potential and live their lives to the fullest.

The Settlement House model focuses on building relationships among people in the community where they live, work and study. Settlement Houses bring people together to improve the community as well as individual lives.

Hudson Guild, founded in 1895, is one of the oldest Settlement Houses in New York City and has been at the forefront of addressing key public policy issues from the development of public housing to establishing one of the first free kindergartens.

Hudson Guild serves as Chelsea’s community center, offering a wide variety of programs and activities for all ages, including child care; after-school programs; recreation, education and employment services for teens; meals, case management, educational and cultural programs for seniors. Hudson Guild also hosts a community arts program, showcasing artwork at two galleries at the Guild, and sponsoring a community theatre. Hudson Guild addresses the needs of tenants through the Chelsea Housing Group, which informs tenants of their rights, addresses individual needs, and organizes tenants to work together to meet goals effectively. Hudson Guild rents space to community residents for family and community events, from birthday celebrations to tenant organizing meetings.

Each week, produce not picked up is donated to Hudson Guild’s Eat Well, Play Hard Program which educates children about vegetables, cooking and the importance of eating healthy.