Join for the 2022 Season 

Members sign up for weekly shares of local, organic produce direct from the farm during the harvest season. The season will run for 22 weeks from June through November 2022.

If you are interested in joining the CSA for the first time, be sure to read all the below membership information as well as the information about the CSA model and our organization. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about registration.


The 2022 season has begun but we do have a few available shares. Email us at for details.

The Chelsea CSA is committed to being a mixed income CSA. This is accomplished through a three tiered membership structure in which people buy whole or half shares at Sponsor, Standard, and Discount levels. Prices for a Vegetable Share in the 2022 season are:

  • Standard: $625 – This is the basic membership level (just $26 per week!), 8-12 types of organic produce per week, perfect for 2-4 people
  • Sponsor: $725  – Generous members who opt for this share help support our discount program, making healthy food available to all our neighbors!
  • Discount: $525 – Discount shares are standard share size and are available with documentation of any of the following: proof of residence at Elliott Chelsea Houses, food stamps (EBT), household income of less than $30,000, disability card, unemployment check, TANAF, or current AmeriCorps volunteers. We offer flexible payment options for this membership. Contact to register for this kind of share.
  • Half-Price Work Shares: We are offering a half-price share (Standard or Discount depending on eligibility) to anyone willing to commit to 2 hours of volunteer work per week at distribution. They must be available to work first shift from 3:30-5:30 pm on Tuesdays weekly and must be able to lift crates. Contact if you are interested!

Optional shares

In addition to a vegetable share, members may add one or more optional shares which are delivered to distribution with the vegetables. These shares can be added when registering for the vegetable share or can be added to your account later through the farm’s website.

  • Fruit Share: Fruit season runs for 18 weeks. The fruit is not organic; however is grown by a number local farmers with low spray practices.  A three tiered structure applies here as well: standard $280, sponsor $310, discount $225.
  • Mushroom Share: The Mushroom Share is delivered every week, 24 deliveries, one variety of mushroom per week. Mushrooms are grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm, one of the last remaining family-run mushroom farms in New York State. The Mushrooms are raised naturally but are not certified organic. This is priced at $150 (averages to $6 per week).
  • Coffee Share: A Coffee Share is a set number of pounds of coffee delivered monthly during the CSA season. All of the coffee is organic, fair trade, grown on small family coffee farms, and locally roasted before delivery. This is priced at $132 ($11 per pound).
  • Dry Bean Share: The Dry Bean Share is delivered the first CSA delivery of each month during the CSA season for a total of 6 bean deliveries per season. This is priced at $120 for 24 oz of 3 different types of beans.


Payment is made on the farm’s website with credit card or check, all at once or in installments. Payments are not refundable. EBT payments may be accepted in 2019 (will be confirmed prior to season start).

Mandatory Work Hours

Chelsea CSA is a completely volunteer run program of Hudson Guild. A group of active members, called “The Core Group” coordinate membership, distribution, staffing/tracking, finances and newsletter production. All CSA members must complete 2-hour mandatory work shifts at distribution. Over the course of the season, members must commit to a total of 2 shifts for a vegetable share and and additional 1 shift for a fruit share. Note that in light of covid-19, special accommodations can be made for anyone in a high risk group. Other ways to meet the requirement are: low income outreach, special event coordinator, farm trip organizer, potluck organizer and supporting community building efforts of Hudson Guild. Please contact us at to arrange alternative ways to meet this requirement.

Are half shares available?

In a typical season, a share is adequate for a family of 2-3 people, depending on the amount of vegetables in their diet. To accommodate members who want to receive a half share we will adopt the online registration procedure as described below.

Find a share partner and register together

Members will be responsible for finding their own share partners. When two people have agreed to be share partners, one will register as the primary shareholder, register for a sponsor, standard, or discount vegetable share and list the other as a share partner. There are several payment options online and the share partners will work out between themselves how to pay the farmer for their share(s). Share partners are also responsible for fulfilling the mandatory work hours associated with their share(s). If you cannot find as share partner, email us at, we may be able to help.

Half shares at distribution

Due to covid-19, we suggest that share partners pick up on alternating weeks with dates to be agreed upon between the partners in advance.

Other Products

In additional to season-long shares, as a member of the CSA you can special order honey, maple syrup, coffee and other products from the farm through the farm’s Marketplace. Also available through special order for delivery to the distribution site is meat, poultry, eggs, cheeses, and other local products from Lewis Waite Farm, a consortium of 50 upstate farms.