Just Food: Not Just CSA

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– Just Food staff

Just Food, the citywide nonprofit organization that develops Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups in NYC, has a broad mission to promote economic, social, and environmental justice through local sustainable food systems. And although CSA is a large part of the work we do, we have other programs we think that you, as CSA members, may be interested in knowing about.

Our other primary program is called The City Farms. The purpose of The City Farms is to increase food production, marketing, and distribution via community gardens in NYC. We work closely with other NYC groups to offer workshops, training materials, and networking opportunities to enable NYC communities to grow more food. Since 1997 we have grown to include over 30 community gardens representing all five boroughs. 2003 is the 2nd year of the Training of Trainers program that encourages skilled gardeners to become gardener-trainers themselves and pass the wealth of their knowledge on to their community. Just Food, for the first time is able to pay a stipend to these trainers. This season The City Farms is also working to open 3 urban farm stands, establish a summer workshop series for gardeners, and place its first Americorps/VISTA member.

In addition to our work with CSA and The City Farms, Just Food also has an education and outreach component. This year, we will be publishing two full newsletters, which as a CSA member you will receive. And if you would like a deeper understanding of some of the issues we discussed in newsletters, you are welcome to attend any of our food and farm issues education seminars. Visit our website for more info: www.justfood.org

This year Just Food will also be reinstituting its annual conference. (Save the date! It?s happening November 15th). We will be collaborating with the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture and other groups to build on educational and organizing activities of existing groups, and to involve more NYC people in issues related to community food security. Some of the food system issues we have identified to be of special interest in NYC include food irradiation, rBGH in dairy, genetically modified vegetables, and farmland preservation.

If you have any questions about Just Food’s activities, or would generally just like some more information, please feel free to contact us at 212-645-9880 ext. 12 or e-mail us at info@justfood.org.

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