My first week with Chelsea CSA

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I joined the Chelsea CSA this year (2006) and was pleasantly surprised by the first week’s wonderful mix of produce.

The bouquet of sage was bigger than the usual supermarket sprig, and sage’s edible purple flowers were new to me. I sprinkled some flowers and pumpkin pie spice mix on cottage cheese and topped all with canned peaches. Later in the week, I made a cup of herb tea with some dry sage leaves. I love the aroma when I break off leaves or flowers.

Fast and easy seems to be the way to go for myself on hot summer days – with salads, stir fry and omelettes.

Tiny raw spinach leaves alternating with medium size spinach leaves circling a center round of omelette with Parmesan cheese looked a bit like a giant sunflower. The fresh leaves were more flavorful than store-bought spinach.

Armenians sometimes use Swiss chard or Romaine lettuce instead of grape leaves in making meat and rice stuffed leaves, or chard for cold appetizer leaves filled with rice, nuts and olive oil mixture.

If you want to substitute chard for a version of either dish, remove stems from chard and dip leaves, a few at a time, in boiling salted water for one minute or less until they soften.

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