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  • 2 heads- Tropicana Lettuce
  • 2 heads- Red Tide Lettuce
  • 2 heads- Boc Choi (Great for Stir Fry)
  • 1 bunch- Oregano (The first harvest of oregano is Always the most flavorful! Hang to dry and use all season long.)
  • 1 bunch- French Breakfast Radishes (Use the Greens!)
  • 1 head- Chinese Cabbage (Great for Stir Fry, Stuffed Cabbage, Cole Slaw)
  • 1 bunch- Rhubarb (a perfect bunch for Rhubarb cake. Recipe at the bottom of the email.)
  • 1- Greek Basil Transplant (Plant the pot and plant in the ground or a container)
  • 1- Stoneledge Farm Tote Bag

Fruit shares start the first week in July

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